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we are prober cover factory


We produced condoms more than 25 years. As an expert of latex products industry, we developed probe cover (for medical ultrasound machine ) 2016, in order to ensure the probe cover has the strongest protection. we choose the highest quality latex in the world to produce probe cover, and In the production procedure ,we have taken the most rigorous quality control measures. 

Today I'd like to introduce the probe cover as below:

Our probe covers are manufactured from the highest quality natural rubber latex. Complies with quality standards e.g. ISO 4074. Suitable for use on probe of Ultrasound Imaging System. 


1. Sterilize: sterilize, non sterilize

2. Length: size can be customized

3. Width: size can be customized

4. Thickness: size can be customized

4. Lubricant: non-lubricated (option of lubricated with silicone oil)

 We accept oem order. we are able to offer our customers superior products at competitive prices.


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